Medical Supplies and Medications

Our mission at HOPE Healthcare and Hospice is working with eligible patients and their loved ones to provide an experience that is personal, comforting, and full of life’s most important moments. We will not ask you to give up any measure that helps to keep you comfortable and is deemed necessary by your physician. In fact, some patients choose to continue receiving therapies such as physical, occupational, speech, radiation, chemotherapy, and IV therapies. HOPE Healthcare and Hospice will also cover all medications related to the diagnosis for which you are on hospice services. We will also make sure that you get supplies and medical equipment you need to be comfortable.

The HOPE Healthcare and Hospice team will coordinate the ordering, delivery, and set up of all necessary medication, hospice medical equipment and any other hospice supplies. This allows the patient and their family to focus on their time together. We understand your time together is precious.

Once a patient begins care with HOPE Healthcare and Hospice, our nurse will assess the need for hospice medical equipment and supplies. Our nurse will arrange for any necessary equipment to be delivered to the patient’s location. We will monitor the use of all supplies and replenish as needed. We will also work with your physician to determine if additional hospice equipment and supplies are required as your needs change. When the hospice equipment is no longer needed, we will arrange for a convenient time for the equipment to be picked up.


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